Five Year Anniversary Report (2000-2005)

October 1, 2005
10/1/2005 - NIEHS Launches Web-based GIS Portal
The NIEHS has launched a new website with an interactive Geographic Information System (GIS). The effort is being led by researchers at UCSD, San Diego State University, and Duke University. The site provides valuable information for assessing environmental hazards caused by Hurricane Katrina and Rita. As noted in a recent NIEHS news release: "To help expedite clean-up efforts, the NIEHS has worked with its academic Partners to establish a Geographic Information System (GIS) on the NIEHS Response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita website. The GIS system uses satellite maps to plot the locations of chemical plants, refineries, superfund clean up sites, as well as schools and other places, in relation to potential hot-spots of contamination where flooding has occurred. Interactive tools will be developed to help assess exposure and infrastructure damage, and eventually offer advice on remediation.

Linking Science to Society

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