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May 15, 2010

Website currently underdoing a major redesign and upgrade. Legacy project data can be accessed here. More current project data can be viewed at



Integrating Regional Projects and Networks
The RWBC is a federated partnership. As such, there are many projects we aim to support and cross reference to oneanother. The intent is to create synergies through new types of association in theory-building and practice. Over the long term, the RWBC aims to integrate a broad range of projects as outlined in our draft conceptual matrix (click here, pdf file). Elements for integration include substantive challenges of sustainable development (e.g., equity, economic efficiency, environmental stewardship), as well as spatial dimensions (e.g., local, regional and global scales) (click here, pdf file).

Flagship Proposal (Environment and Sustainability Initiative)
A team of colleagues is putting together a proposal to help launch the new Environment and Sustainability Initiative (ESI) at UCSD. To learn more, click here.

Molecularization of Toxicology Presentation for Superfund, January 11, 2008 (click here for ppt) / Sample of r eadings (click here for pdf)

Funding Sources and Initiatives
The RWBC is always on the outlook for funding. Fortunately, the NIEHS has provided a long-term source of funding through UCSD's Superfund Basic Research Program, Research Translation Core and Community Outreach Core (2000-2010). But most of this funding is dedicated to specific tasks linking basic science (cellular and molecular biology) to policy and planning. The RWBC needs additional funding to develop enabling cyberinfrastructure (i.e., technical as well as social capital necessary for regional data/information integration and collaborative knowledge networking).

Grants resource page (types of funding sources RWBC partners seek)
Below you can click the "View all projects" link to see the kinds of funded projects RWBC partners are working on.

View All RWBC Projects

Add A Project - in order to add a project, you must request security access. You may do so by contacting RWBC web developer Cindy Santini.

An effort is underway to define common 'features of interest" for RWBC's projects. This is important from the vantage point of building a database-driven method for uploading, presenting, sharing and querrying projects (and their interconnections). For instance, one common "feature of interest" may be the projects status with respect to integrating concerns about equity, environmental stewardship, and economic efficiency (the so-called 3 Es of sustainable development). To view a diagram that spells out the 3 Es, (click here, gif file). Other common "features of interest" may include a projects historical context, research methods, relevant best practices, key literature, strategies for linking knowledge to action. Right now we are in a learn-by-doing mode. We will craft the projects data base parameters while working on the four priority study areas identified above. The overarching effort is underpinned by the seven precepts outlined in the RWBC's mission statement.Related Global Initiatives:Globalization and the Pedagogy of Planning

Sustainability Science

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UCSD Superfund Basic Reseach Program

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