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The Regional Workbench Consortium strives to provide the highest quality educational materials and programs to inform people about the issues in our region. Work are currently working on developing interactive narratives, tutorials, higher education curriculum and internship programs that give insight into the problems we face and inspire the citizens of our region to learn more and make a difference. Please explore the various educational components of this site and give use feedback on what we offer or new things you would like to see be developed.

Focus on Sustainability: A RWBC Narrative Series
Focus on Sustainability is a series of web-based interactive narratives (movie like presentations) that discusses many of the issues we are currently facing in our region. Some of these include equity, water quality, and watershed management. These narratives include Spanish and English narration, close captioning for the hearing impaired, and linkages to the RWBC search functionality directly from the presentation. Additional information about the topics (In-depth Views) are also included in each narrative.

Student Research Curriculum:
Partnering with UCSD's Urban Studies and Planning Program, RWBC is helping to provide context and tools to educate the next generation of planners and decision makers. These students undergo an intensive 20 week course in research methods and thesis writing in which they conduct original research and write a Senior Research Thesis about issues in our region.

RWBC Glossary:
This resource is designed to provide context and information about terms and concepts associated with Sustainability Science and New Regionalism.

A listing of scholarly literature considered by Regional Workbench Partners to be the best resources for learning and understanding Sustainability.






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UCSD Superfund Basic Reseach Program

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