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Five Year Anniversary Report (2000-2005)

Fact Sheets, Newsletters

RWBC brochure and project list
rwbc_brochure_5_28_03.pdf (2 pages, May 2003)
SBRP_RWBC_projects03.pdf (2 pages, May 2003)

3D Regional Canvas of the Californias, Solid Terrain Models (STMs), compiled with Alejandro Hinojosa, CICESE, Ensenada, Mexico, July 2003
3dmodel_flyer_July03.pdf (3D Regional Canvas of the Californias, 4'x5'x4", 2 pages)
3dmodel_flyer_sdtjcut03.pdf (San Diego-Tijuana City Region, 3'x2.5'x4", 2 pages)

Promoting Sustainability Science through Education and Regional Ecology
OutreachNewsletter_01.pdf (21 pages, 2001)
SBRPnewsletter00.pdf (2 pages, 2000)

Web Development Vision and Strategic Planning Documents

Superfund Basic Research Program (SBRP) Web Site
SBRP_WebSite_DevPlan.pdf (10 pages, Draft October 2002)

Regional Workbench Consortium Web Development Vision
Regional Workbench Vision v3.1.pdf (15 pages, Draft August 2002)

Conference Proceedings, Working Papers

Regional Workbench Consortium (RWBC) EXPO (May 29, 2003 Roll Out )
SBRP_outreach_expo03.pdf (23 pages, main report)
SBRP_outreach_expo03_apdx.pdf (22 pages, appendix)

SANDAG Regional Comprehensive Plan Meeting, May 2, 2003
Meeting hosted by the RWBC at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
SBRP_Outreach_rcp_may2_rwbc.pdf (22 pages, SANDAG meeting agenda)
SBRP_SANDAG_may03.pdf pages (4 pages, summary)
mayor_letter_of_appreciation.pdf (1 page, letter of appreciation from the Mayor)

Binational Conference on Toxics and Environmental Health, June 2000
binationalconf_rpt00_main.pdf (English Version, 57 pages)
binationalconf_rpt00_apx.pdf (Appendix, 12 pages)
binationalconf_rpt00_spanish.pdf (Spanish translation, 11 pages)

Pezzoli, Keith, Ilya Zaslavsky and Richard Marciano (2001) "Transborder City-Regions and the Quest for Integrated Regional Planning: Challenges posed by disarticulated infrastructures, fragmented ecologies of knowing, and uneven development." Paper presented at the WPSC in Shanghai China, July 2001. gpean_shanghai_paper.pdf (49 pages).

The KINDRED Project (Knowledge-based Integration and Navigation of Distributed Regional Environmental Data) by Keith Pezzoli, Ilya Zaslavsky (San Diego Supercomputer Center), and Richard Marciano (San Diego Supercomputer Center

Pezzoli, K. (et al.) (1999) Conference Proceedings, Community Development, Affordable Housing and the Environment: A common path to smart growth? A summit funded by UCSD’s Civic Collaborative, June 29, 1999, UCSD. (49 page raw notes, pdf file)

Guides to literature and global planning curriculum

Doing Critical Research for Sustainable City-Regions (work in progress)
On-line bibliographic guide to philosophy, theory, discourses, ethics, skills and collaborative praxis

On-line Guide to the Conceptualization, Design, Conduct and Write-up of Multidisciplinary Research

Sustainable Development: A Multidisciplinary Review of the Literature. Keith Pezzoli

Planning Pedagogy and Globalization, by Keith Pezzoli and Deborah Howe






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UCSD Superfund Basic Reseach Program

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